Industrial : Epoch 9

(1800 AD - 1900 AD)
This epoch was mostly an economic period, although advancement in weapons continued. The appearence of the steam engine, created the prominent economic technologies of that period. Science became more popular; such things as pastuerization and microbiotics were created.


Attack: 44
Hit Points: 390
Range: 6
Speed: 12
Armor: None  
Weapon Type: Gun
Trained At: Barracks
Cost: 40 Food, 40 Iron
Build Time: 40 Seconds
Upgrade Of: Musketeer
Upgrade Cost: 80 Food, 80 Iron
Upgrade Time: 60 Seconds
Pop Count: 1



Hit Points: 4245
Range: 8
Speed: 16
Armor: None  
Weapon Type: Gun
Trained At: Town Center / Capitol
Cost: 530 Food, 450 Iron
Build Time: 160 Seconds
Upgrade Of: Oliver Cromwell
Upgrade Cost: 100 Gold
Upgrade Time: 30 Seconds
Pop Count: Special

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Grens + Hero - Hunting/Farming, Standart Civs
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